Relief from Distress


Mike MacConnell and the team at Reflective Mediation can help transform crisis into opportunity.  Our trained experts will assist you in reducing the stress of dispute, and reaching an understanding that can improve the relationship.

Save money. Save time. Save heartache. Disputes are natural but can be destructive. The skills to resolve them can be learned.

Reflective Mediation guides individuals, couples, families and school communities as they navigate the rough waters of conflict. Reflective Mediation teaches practical techniques that succeed in creating lasting solutions.  Our pro-active, holistic approach helps people become stronger, more confident and mindful in facing and resolving future challenges.  Our goal is not to avoid conflict but to transform it into an opportunity for greater connection to others plus personal growth.


Family Mediation

We help families resolve painful emotional & financial decisions using positive, solution-oriented communication skills. When children are involved, relationships don’t end at divorce. We assist parents to work together in the best interest of their children, for now and the future. 

conflict Management

Private training sessions in conflict management offer practical tools for achieving successful results in future negotiations.  Teens, parents, employees, employers benefit greatly from strategies that are tailored to respond to the challenges and goals of each individual client. 


We assist families to restore the positive relationship they all desire, and to help establish communication patterns that ensure both generations feel respected and understood.  We facilitate conversations to agree on behaviours that replace entitlement with accountability. 



School programs in conflict resolution provide training for students to resolve interpersonal problems within the school setting.  We train a core of student mediators in practical conflict resolution skills so they can respond, with staff support, to disputes among their peers.


A wide range of professional development programs is available to schools, businesses and community groups.  We address topics ranging from dispute resolution and conflict management to relationship-building and enhanced communication skills. Topics can also be tailored to your needs. 


Reflective Mediation offers mindfulness training and other stress reduction practices that have been scientifically proven to “rewire” the nervous system.  We teach easy-to-learn exercises that can calm emotions and clarify decision-making during times of conflict, or for the rest of your life. 

The Yoga of Divorce

An absolutely brilliant book—integrating the wisdom of yoga, with the discoveries of neuroscience and psychology … by far the most helpful guide to divorce I have ever read.
— Brian Muldoon – Mediator and Author of The Heart of Conflict

Yoga of Divorce offers practical strategies for shifting our reactions and embrace the notion of cooperative opposition, the idea that the same non-adversarial process that works on the yoga mat can be used at the negotiation table.