The Challenge of Elder-Care

The wellbeing of elderly family members is of utmost importance. Negotiation among family members may be required to work out how best to provide the care that your loved one needs and deserves. 

Differing viewpoints may arise within the family, or between family and healthcare providers, regarding: 

  • Home vs institutional residency
  • Guardianship & powers of attorney
  • Capacity assessment and substitute decision-making
  • Elder abuse and neglect
  • Accommodating cognitive dysfunction and/or physical limitations 
  • Access tocommunity resources and support persons
  • Appropriate medical interventions 
  • Legal status of last will and testament

Restoring the Family Circle

Families benefit from Reflective Mediation’s Circle of Care.  We provide the expertise of a certified mediator experienced in elder-care issues. We invite the entire family of stakeholders (including spouses of family members) into a restorative justice circle. In this process all voices get heard in an effort to co-operate on reaching a consensus agreement.  The family circle can expand as needed to include other legal, financial and healthcare professionals.

Our central goal is to repair harm and rebuild relationships.

We ensure that all voices are encouraged and respected, including the elder whose welfare is at the heart of the conversation. 

We promise:

  • Compassionate and professional leadership  
  • A facilitator/mediator who is sensitive, certified and experienced 
  • Exposure to skills that can be useful in the future, both individually and as a family
  • Effort to reach an Elder-Care Agreement that is acceptable to all family members
  • Highly competitive rates 

Our Goals For You and Your Family

  • Renew family connections so you can co-operate in providing the care your loved one deserves
  • Enhance quality of life in your loved-one’s final days
  • Empower yourselves as caregivers in the self-direction of your caregiving responsibilities
  • Provide relief from the stress of caregiving, for family members and professionals
  • Improve communication channels between families and institutions
  • To assist seniors who desire to live at home to do so as long as possible
  • To improve the quality of family dynamics now, while decision-making, and into the future.