In addition to the Peer Mediation Program we offer a range of additional learning opportunities for students, staff and parents. Contact Mike MacConnell, the Director of Reflective Mediation, to ask about designing the program that fits the specific needs of your school community.  Some options include:

  • Professional Development Workshops For School Staff – interactive workshop topics help enhance  interactions within the staff and between staff and  students
  • Restorative Justice Circle Training – traditional healing circles used to provide a democratic vehicle for redressing grievances and sharing ideas  
  • Units of Study on ADR (alternative dispute resolution) and or NVC (non-violent communication) can be offered as components of the academic curriculum.  Courses such as PPL10 or PPL20 (grade 9 & 10 Physical and Health Education) are particularly appropriate for the implementation of these units.
  • Leadership Management Coaching – small group sessions with school administrators
  • Parent Network Presentation – a public speaking event on practical strategies for conflict management in the home 
  • Parent Network Workshops - on strategies for encouraging adolescent motivation - and many other topics
  • Other Presentation Topics on communication, conflict management & stress reduction are available, by request