I can’t express my appreciation fully for all the help you provided me. Thank you for bearing witness, even when it was painful. Thank you for lending your support, for offering your expertise and effort and for being a voice of reason, logic and comfort.
— Rita B.
Mike, you’ve been a big influence on me. You believed in me when things were at their worst, and played a big role in turning me around.
— Anna W.
You speak with wisdom that comes from the heart. Your stories brought your ideas to life and now they are part of mine. Thank you for sharing with us and inspiring me with your positive message of action.
— David B.
The strategies you offered the staff were practical and immediately useful. Individual and small group sessions helped to improve the way we communicate and with that, have lifted the mood of the office. You provided theory and practice in a way that was easy to absorb and felt natural to use. I really enjoyed the whole process.
— David C.
Mike provided calm guidance and a supportive process. He believed in me and my potential to grow past the place where I felt stuck. I am thankful for the kindness and balance that helped me get through these tough times.
— Melissa K.
Mike’s speech tonight was inspirational and educational. He was able to make complex ideas accessible and entertaining in a way that moved me deeply. I thank him for spurring me to make the changes I’ve long known I needed.
— Shannon T-B
Mike’s ability to teach this difficult subject matter, to present it in a clear, comprehensible and engaging manner was astounding. His ability to relate to students with patience and understanding, without passing judgement, was, in my experience, unmatched. The impact he had on my life was tremendous.
— Christian B., on working with high school students
You provided a stimulating, encouraging but challenging environment which allows students to find their own voice. We are thankful … about the way (our son’s) self-esteem and confidence have grown. He is indeed quite a different young man today than he was at this time last year.
— Dean and Ann L.
The dedication and helpfulness of your coaching has been an inspiration.
— Sarah G.-M.