Mike MacConnell has won awards for his motivational public speaking at Toastmasters International.  He has also been a keynote speaker at educational events for over 20 years.  His talks have won rave reviews for delivering an inspiring message of practical wisdom in an entertaining, conversational style.

sample topics

The following are motivational topics from prior workshops and speaking engagements.  Other subjects relevant to specific groups or situations can be arranged upon request.

  • Practical tips for resolving workplace and family disputes
  • Arriving at Agreement – Steps To Navigate Difficult Discussions
  • Communication tools for couples
  • Tips for kids to manage adults
  • Conflict management coaching for everyday issues
  • Working with others to meet YOUR needs
  • Mindfulness tools to conquer stress
  • Exercise routines to combat anxiety and depression 
  • Retraining Your Brain – tips from neuroscience on keeping a youthful mind

Practical Workshops

Teaching has been Mike's passion since high school when he was a ski instructor and English tutor.  One night in high school he had a vivid dream of himself as a teacher, which inspired him to initiate and teach two full credit courses in an alternative high school, while still an undergraduate at U. of T..  After earning his B. Ed. he taught for 10 years before founding his own private high school, SOLA.  He continued to teach at least one course per semester during the 21 years he co-operated SOLA.  In addition to teaching Phys. Ed., History and English, his teaching included spearheading the first OAC Philosophy course to be offered in the GTA.  Workshops in dispute resolution now provide him with the opportunity to combine his two professional passions: mediation and teaching.


Available topics include those mentioned above under Motivational Speaking.  Other topics on conflict resolution and enhanced communication can be commissioned by request.

Reflective Mediation workshops employ active exercises (such as role-playing an dramatization) to ensure that participants learn by doing.  Mike engages individuals interactively, in small groups, to address critical issues and 'does' and 'don'ts' in conflict communication.  The subject matter is carefully designed to to be more experiential than theoretical, addressing ways to resolve misunderstandings that arise in daily life, at home and at work.    

His priority is teaching skills that have practical application, ensuring participants enjoy a memorable, relevant learning experience.


  • School Professional Development Workshops
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Student Groups
  • Adult Education Centers 
  • School Parent Networks (or Advisory Councils) 
  • Small Businesses
  • Institutions
  • AGM’s for Organizations & Conferences  



workshop format options

  • Half day     
    (3 hours)
  • Full day
    (6 hours)
  • Weekend
    (12 hours)
  • Full week  
    (15 hours – in 5 half-days)